6th May 2016

Donation-in community distribution (DCD)

Go to http://crowdsale.cryptonet.info/cryptomaik/

Anyone not meeting the criteria of the FCD (Former Community Distribution) can donate some Bitcoins during the Pre-sale weeks.

For this presale are 10 000 000 coins reserverd. In exchange for your donation (and thanks) you get a fair part of these 10 000 000. The coins are evenly distributed over the number of shares, everyone can buy a share voor 0.01 BTC, minimum donation 1 share (0.01BTC). See the ICO website for more information. We offer everyone the opportunity to be an early coin owner. Usually you can get some pretty inexpensive coins during presale.

Trust or not trust PosPro presale/donation?

There is much distrust for coin ICO, and similar Presale actions. Unfortunately there are many scammers who abuse this way of coin distribution.

We asked Bitcoinalk.org user “CryptoMaik” to guide our DCD (Donation-in community distribution). He is responsible for the donations and distribution of 10 million coins.

He will only pay us the received donations as soon as the coin in mainnet has generated at least 100 blocks and he received the 10 000 000 coins for distribution. If we cannot produce a working coin, all donations will be refunded to you.

Usually most users will scream right now sc<beep> m   etc. to this ICO / Presale action. Please, if you don’t trust this way of presale, our advice = don’t buy or wait till the coin is on exchange.

CryptoMaik will inform you within a few days about the presale.

Quote from CryptoMaik:

Start Friday 13th of May 2016 – 11 AM (11.00 hour European time) Timezone: UMT+1 Berlin.
End Friday 27th of May 2016 – 11AM (11.00 hour European time) Timezone: UMT+1 Berlin.

Which currencies are accepted?
Bitcoin BTC

There is a minimum donation of BTC0.01, for BTC0.01 you get, as a thank you for your donation, 1 share of the 10 000 000 PSP coins.

The number of coins that you receive is calculated as follows:
10 000 000 / total donated shares * your shares

The first 48 hours You get one share for the price of BTC0.008 donations (discount of 20%).
If you want to donate more than BTC1.00 (or 100 shares) please PM me before Friday 8th, you get additional 5 shares for free.

More information and how to donate, coming Friday on this forum and on www.pospro.link.

During the donation / ICO it is very important to enter a correct email address!. After coin launch we send everyone a mail where we ask for their PSP address, at this address we are going to pay the coins.

We have no affiliation with the coin itself. We provide only the POSPRO donation / ico procedure (escrow service).
We keep all donated funds in the custody (cold storage) until we have seen evidence of a working coin.
POSPRO Team has to proof that their software is capable to work (miners need to pass block 100) and POSPRO needs to send us the 10 000 000 PSP coins for distribution before we release the funds to the POSPRO developers.

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